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You Didn’t Give Up On Mehearts and paws clipart.jpg

They said they were calling a rescue, I wasn’t adoptable.

You didn’t say you were full; you didn’t turn your back on me.

You came to the shelter, read what was written about me, then, looking at me you said “we’ll see” and you took me home.

You weren’t going to give up on me.

We arrived at “home” and out to the yard. I ran everywhere, smelling everything, no more cement floors.

Back inside for a bath and I look at you as the shelter smell is washed off then gone forever down the drain.

You introduce me to others just like me. I explore. The toys! The beds! The blankets! You talk softly to me; nice smells, safe smells I begin to relax. I follow you everywhere you go; you “saved” me I can’t lose sight of you. The others are getting excited, its dinner time. You feed me. I pick one of the soft beds with a warm, soft blanket and I sleep. In the morning I wake and you are still near.

You didn’t give up on me.

You tell me I am a good dog.  You say a “forever home” will be mine when that special person finds me.  I don’t know exactly what you are saying, but, I feel safe.

I’ve been here a long time it seems like home to me.  Today you tell me you are taking me to meet someone.

I love car rides!

You carry me from the car.  A woman answers the door.  She says nice things to me, she pets me. You put me down and I start exploring this new place.  You get up to go and I beat you to the door.  You laugh and carry me to the car.

You didn’t give up on me

In a few days we go back to that place and see that person again.  She pets me, gives me a treat and I jump on her lap. I like her, she is nice. You talk to me and pet me.  I sense something different.  The nice person takes me outside.  It’s fun to explore this yard.

When we go back inside I look for you I am worried. Then I am picked up, hugged and loved. I am in that place you told me about, my forever home.

You didn’t give up on me.

You found me a home and family that will never give up on me.

I will always love you because ….. You-did-not-give-up-on-me!

                                   Your Foster Dog

Dedicated to Snickers and all of the other shelter rescues and owner surrendered pets  BP Humphrey


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